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Pregnancy and baby bump photography shoots now available!

We spend a great deal of time and effort photographing our children as they develop from new born babies into young adults so why not start with photographs during your pregnancy?  Women spend nine months nurturing their beautiful bumps as they grow bigger and bigger.  As we all know, this is when women are said to be ‘blooming’ and look fantastic!  What could be a better opportunity for a photo shoot?  Once our babies enter into the world, we are quick to forget what was once affectionately known as ‘bump’ for nine months!  Baby bump photography shoots are a great way for mums-to-be to treasure those special moments during a woman’s pregnancy and remember how beautiful you looked!

Jillian Hartley Photography brings a fresh, contemporary approach to pregnancy photography.  The style is your choice – it can be fun and natural, or a little more glamorous and sexy!  Pregnancy photos make wonderful gifts for your other half or family members, as well as stylish framed prints for your wall.

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Wedding guest signing frames now available!

Signing frames (sometimes known as signing mounts) are becoming increasingly popular amongst brides and grooms on their wedding day.  Signing frames are a great alternative to the more traditional wedding guest signing books.  On the wedding day, a large mount with a photograph of your choice is placed at the wedding venue for guests to sign and offer their best wishes.  This is often a photograph from the preceeding engagament photography shoot which can be incorporated into your wedding photography package.  After the wedding, the signed mount is then set in a frame of your choice and the photograph can then be exchanged for one of your favourite wedding photographs if you prefer.  The size of the mount can be custom made to depending on the number of guests at the wedding.

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Jenna and Neil’s engagement photography shoot in Manchester

Here is a sneak preview of Jenna and Neil’s engagement photography shoot from yesterday.  The gorgeous couple are due to get married on June 3rd in Spain.  We took advantage of the lovely Manchester weather and managed to shoot most of the engagement photos outside in the garden.  It was a great warm up for the big day… Jenna and Neil are both really photogenic and have fun in front of the camera!  I can’t wait for the wedding day, I think the wedding photographs will be lovely and hopefully we can rely on good weather in the Costa Del Sol!

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Stroke survivor Richard Creme’s Exhibition in Manchester – launch night

Last week, I was approached by the Stroke Association asking if I would like to be official photographer for the launch night of Richard Creme’s art exhibition in Manchester.  Of course I jumped at the chance!  Richard Creme made quite a name for himself on the Manchester scene back in the day!  For those in the know, Richard was the ultimate style icon and fashionista, running the exclusive L’homme boutique, dressing the likes of David Beckham, Prince and David Bowie to mention but a few.  He was the epitomy of cool in Manchester and was regularly spotted hanging out at the infamous Hacienda, always flawlessly turned out and envied by the masses!

Sadly, Richard Creme suffered a major stroke in 2007 at the age of 50.  This was to change his life significantly – the stroke had a major impact on his ability to speak and he lost the majority of movement on the right side of his body.  He found himself unable to continue his business and understandably faced some very difficult times trying to come to terms with his future.  Fortunately however, Richard found solace in art.  Despite being right handed, he began to draw and paint using his left hand and over time, began to produce some very impressive pieces.

Five years after his stroke, Ricahrd is proudly exhibiting his work at Manchester Metropolitan’s Link Gallery as part of The Stroke Association’s “Action On Stroke” Month, supported by Arts For Health.  The launch night was a fantastic – guests included the Mayor of Trafford, Leroy Richardson (previous manager of the Hacienda), Colette Walsh (journalist and broadcaster) and Irfan Rainy (DJ and producer).  I really enjoyed photographing the event.  You can also watch the official footage of the night here.

If you would like to support the Stroke Association by making a donation, please click on the link to visit the donation page.