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Meet baby George! We followed his journey in photos from Mummy’s bump into the big wide world!

When my lovely friend Beth told us that she was pregnant, we were all absolutely thrilled for her!  Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity for a photoshoot – I couldn’t wait until the bump started to show.  One afternoon, Beth and I had a good catch up with a nice cuppa, then out came the photography gear.  With a little help from some props we managed to capture the precious bump in all its glory!

Then the wait… I think I was getting as impatient as Beth waiting for baby George to enter the world!  The big day arrived in June 2012 and baby George was finally born.  He was so beautiful, I couldn’t wait to get the camera out again!  Once mum and baby were home and settled, we got a date in the diary for George’s first photoshoot.  He did not disappoint on his debut… he sat there patiently and giggled all afternoon, his big blue eyes sparkling.  Wow, what a photogenic boy… just adorable!

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Pregnancy and baby bump photography shoots now available!

We spend a great deal of time and effort photographing our children as they develop from new born babies into young adults so why not start with photographs during your pregnancy?  Women spend nine months nurturing their beautiful bumps as they grow bigger and bigger.  As we all know, this is when women are said to be ‘blooming’ and look fantastic!  What could be a better opportunity for a photo shoot?  Once our babies enter into the world, we are quick to forget what was once affectionately known as ‘bump’ for nine months!  Baby bump photography shoots are a great way for mums-to-be to treasure those special moments during a woman’s pregnancy and remember how beautiful you looked!

Jillian Hartley Photography brings a fresh, contemporary approach to pregnancy photography.  The style is your choice – it can be fun and natural, or a little more glamorous and sexy!  Pregnancy photos make wonderful gifts for your other half or family members, as well as stylish framed prints for your wall.

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